We have had the honor of working with some wonderful people and many have shared some comments about their experience with us and our staff.

People have GREAT things to say about our training and services!



I thought the course was invaluable as to the number of programs available to help not only homeowners but first time homeowners as well.  I was able to use the information I learned the very next day for a client.
Candy Havlock, Realtor, ZipRealty


The HPS class was a perfect follow-up to recent completion of CDPE course.  The HPS class couldn’t be more timely in its offering.  The information was concise and presented very well.  If there are REALTORS® who truly embrace helping their communities, this course is a recommended resource.
Hugh Davies, Century 21 Yarrow And Associates


The HPS training has already been put to work! With my own father being recently laid off and I was able to assist him with the UMA program. With all the resources being in one place and the clarification of certain benefits, it has been golden!  
Cy Bodden, Dream House Realty, Inc.


I found the HPS training “very” informative and beneficial to my business. The instructor presented the information in a professional, serious manner, with the highest degree of integrity. I am thankful that I purchased this training module and would recommend to fellow real estate professionals who are serious about helping clients in these uncertain times.
Michael A. Rubin, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage


 Thank you so much for the wonderful class today…I got so much info my ears are smoking!!!  You were worth the 2 hour drive there and the 2 hour drive home!!! Thank you.  Thank you.
Janese Sartore, Troop Westlake Village



Thank you for such an informative class, probably one of the best I have taken in years.
Terri L. Cole, Coldwell Banker Select Real Estate


I know it works (HAFA) because I just closed one with Wells Fargo. We listed it on January 1st, found a buyer within a month, and received an approval letter on 3/4 and closed at the end of March. I think this one is not too usual, though, as Wells Fargo was very cooperative and helpful. Everyone was happy.
Suzanne B. Martin, California Coast and Country Homes


Thank you for bringing the “HAFA Class” from AssetPlan to our office and educating our agents on this program. The benefits to the agents are numerous but most important is keeping them and us out of harm’s way and limiting our liability. This is a class we would highly recommend to all agents that are listing short sales and writing offers on short sales, the knowledge is powerful and the presentation Sandee does makes it as simple as possible. Thank you.
OJ Rodriquez, Broker/Owner and Lucy Hollingsworth, Office Manager, C-21 Americana, Covina


I have been doing short sales for 16 years but needed the most up to date materials and class on the HAFA short sale. I took your all day course at the last CAR EXPO. This worked best for me as I learn best with a live class. I use the workbook and class materials as my HAFA bible. Being able to use the logo has helped my on-line image. I continue to get and READ your updates and have on a couple occasions been able to reach out to you via phone with NO LONG hold periods and get answers.
Sidney Kutchuk, Broker


When your agents feel confident productivity goes up.
We have experienced this effect as we entered the “Non performing Asset” market in late ’06 and studied hard for a couple of years to become effective and productive and these trained agents in this arena were the only ones producing. The HAFA training allowed more agents to feel confident in this arena, for example, this month we have noticed more agents closing or participating in the Non Performing then ever before! Everyone is making money and feeling confident. We have 40 agents with the HAFA certification and it has shown its impact in our monthly production report.
Ernie “the D!” Delgadillo, FirstTeam SnS- Diamond Bar


I had begun to try to piece together what was covered in the training, and came to the conclusion that to do so would end up being almost a “second career”… and even then, I would have no assurance that I had it right. There is just too much liability to NOT deal with a company like AssetPlanUSA, which presents the information in such a detailed and precise way and also stays in the loop with updates as conditions change. The training was concise and professional, and the instructors, including Sandee, were patient and easy to understand. It’s a great value for the money, and it is great for my peace of mind… HIGHLY recommended!
Terry Hunter, Hunter-Broker


As you know, we are committed to provide timely and helpful training and education to our agents, especially regarding distressed owners and their properties. Your HAFA Certification Training Program was outstanding. It gave our agents yet another tool to help people. They can now explain and utilize HAFA short sales to help people in need. Unfortunately, short sales are going to be a big part of our business for several more years, so we need to be effective when we do them.

I highly recommend your class to anyone who is in real estate. Even if they do not plan to list short sales, chances are they will be involved in short sale transactions. This way they will understand better and provide better results for their clients. Keep up the good work!

Keith Myers, Broker/President
Director – Relocation and Corporate Services RE/MAX Olson & Associates, Inc.


I’d like to thank you and your organization for saving my client from foreclosure. After becoming a certified HAFA specialist I finally learned how the process SHOULD work and how to escalate when it didn’t. My client had lost his business and in the process his home, which was his dream home. He did everything he could to help–the home was well maintained, he cooperated with showings, and yet we couldn’t get the approval from the second lender…not until I got advice and direction from you. He didn’t deserve to be treated that way by the lenders.


Literally, two hours before the foreclosure sale time, we received a call from the VP of the second lien-holder to help determine how to structure a workout. Simultaneously, I received an email from the first lien-holder that they were postponing the sale one more time, to allow us time to resolve the issue with the second. AMAZING!!! YOU were my inspiration to keep fighting for them and not give up. And they didn’t just approve the short sale with some cockeyed rules and steps we had to jump through, they approved it under HAFA. I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!
Sue Archer, Realty Executives- Galster Group


I took the HAFA Certification Course after I completed one HAFA short sale and I had two HAFA short sales in progress. Although I have been doing short sales since 1991 and I am quite familiar with short sales (95% of my business is short sales), I was very impressed and learned a lot from the course. It covered all aspects of a HAFA short sale. It is a must-take course for all real estate professionals at every level. In the next couple of years the best way that lenders can get rid of their underperforming or non-performing assets is through HAFA and Standard Short Sales and this creates a huge opportunity for real estate agents and brokers. You do not want to be left behind and you have to follow the market trend.
Robert Malakouti, RE/Max OTB (2500 Short Sales closed since 1991)


I found the course to be very informative and it relieved a lot of my confusion about all the different programs out there. I initially felt I couldn’t keep up with the different initiatives, but it has now come together for me. I also really enjoyed the different examples that the instructor used to try to help people really understand what she was saying.
Daphne Nelson, Owner / Broker, Nelson Properties


I really liked the format of short webinars. It enabled me to complete the training faster since I didn’t have to find a ½ day or full day to complete the training. Having the documents ahead of time so I was more prepared was also very beneficial. I used what I learned the very same day I completed the training and it was a big help for both my client and me.
Dee Reen, Prudential Realty


I thought the training was very good. I am glad I had the opportunity to participate in it. It will help me counseling my client with practical solutions. Thank you so much.
Renee Spurlock, First Team Real Estate


Wow – Great training! Very timely! It is refreshing to participate in a seminar/training from people actually involved in the formation of the latest programs impacting my clients and our entire profession. So many other experts simply re-hash the same material we’ve been hearing for the past year or more. Of all the training I have received, this is the most timely and in-depth I have received on short sales and specifically HAFA. The sample ARASS form supplied with the training was of immediate use on 2 short sales currently in my pipeline.
John P. Cadman, IMCA Team


I found the training videos very educational. I can certainly appreciate the way the material was covered as well as the BIG picture perspective. The latter has been very motivational for me as I am reformulating my business plan due to this training. I truly thank you for your clear and factual training.
Jimmy Araujo, Keller Williams Realty-East Bay


The material was presented with clarity in an organized fashion. I feel encouraged and energized to move forward in the pursuit of working with distressed borrowers starting at Base 1, HAMP, and allowing the process to flow in the proper direction from that point.
Ginger Govett, Govette Properties


The Webinar I completed was very well prepared with clarity in delivery, succinct explanations and very comprehensive. For professionals like me who have been heavily involved in the marketing of foreclosures, this definitely opens a broader opportunity for offering knowledge and expertise to borrowers who qualify for these programs. You are to be commended on this Short Sale Webinar presentation.
Pat Donovon – Ted Donovon, Team Donovon, Armed Forces Homes and Loans


The training was fantastic…clear, concise and presented in a great format allowing me to complete the course and testing in one sitting. I know this knowledge will be a great benefit to my future clients
Roger Sullivan, Windermere Real Estate


The online HAFA training was very informative and very user friendly. I really like the fact that I got to take it online and from my office to save drive time and still be able to do my daily work. The training was very professional and warm at the same time.
Amy Alvarez, First Team


The material and concepts were organized in a logical, thoughtful manner. Each module built upon the previous module. I loved the graphs and will possibly incorporate them into my marketing materials. Last, Ray explained the information clearly and answered a lot of the questions I had along the way.
Monique Bryher, Keller Williams


I had a non-GSE HAFA Short Sale recently approved that was previously rejected under the previous policy guidelines. However, due to your class and information, I was able to get my clients (sellers) who had Approval of a traditional Short Sale by the lender but which had not closed, transferred to the Lender’s HAFA department. With a little work and making connections with their Escalations department (and being on top of this), we got the file transferred over and on the fast track for review and approval. Because of your class and information, I was better able to ensure my clients receive the $3,000 incentive, including incentives for the investor/servicer of course. Plus, and this is good for me, the investor changed their hard-line position of paying me only 5% to the 6% to reflect the listing agreement. And you of course know how HAFA protects our very hard-earned industry commission of 6%.
I say great things about you and your company whenever I can.
Dave Kerrigan, President & Designated Broker Cinehomes Real Estate Company


I attended your HAFA certification class yesterday in Pleasanton and found it to be one of the most worthwhile classes I’ve attended since I have been in the business since 1996. Very valuable information presented by one of the most knowledgeable and dynamic speakers I’ve seen. Thanks very much for the outstanding information.
Robert Novich, Better Homes and Gardens MASON-McDUFFIE Real Estate


I’m very proud of the fact that I have a HAFA Certification thanks to your program. I have successfully represented 3 borrowers since obtaining the certification and I am currently working with 2 more. Being able to present a homeowner with $3,000 at the end of their transaction is wonderful.

I am constantly being approached by borrowers in trouble that do not want to lose their homes to either short sale or foreclosure. It’s heartbreaking to see that they have been trying to get approved for a loan modification for two and sometimes three years with no success. Unfortunately, some of these borrowers lose hope and give up. Many times they prefer to let the bank foreclose on them rather than try a short sale. In a way they feel they are punishing the banks for not helping them.

I hope the new changes help the HAFA program expand in popularity. I hope to be able to help a greater number of candidates.
Maricruz Gutierrez, Home Sweet Home Realty


Thank you for your foresight and work in developing the HAFA Program. Being creative, innovative and by being compassionate toward your fellow man, you have helped homeowners throughout this nation to “avoid foreclosure.” Your instructional materials are the most comprehensive. Your program requires testing for certification to insure agents are knowledgeable. You and your staff have demonstrated to be high in integrity and purpose.
I strongly recommend to all Brokers and Real Estate Agents to check out your Professional Education and certification program if they are serious about helping homeowners “avoid foreclosure” and saving some real estate careers.
Raymond Rodriguez, REALTOR®



I have taken other HAFA Classes – but this was amazing! I really appreciated Ray’s background and she was a great presenter. Excellent event.

I enjoyed the small class size and the ability to interact. The most valuable part of the program was clarifying the HAFA process and including the GSE and non-GSE.

I have a much better understanding of how the HAFA program works, who qualifies, and available resources for questions & escalations.

An excellent program that really helped clearly define the specifics of HAFA.

Great update on the process to supplement CDPE certification and “boots on the street” experience. I look forward to the email updates.

Closed many gaps and rumors about the short sale eligibility and foreclosure process and available options. Class was information loaded!